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We buy all kinds of vinyl

We love vinyl and CD collections - the more the merrier.  Here's a few recent purchases.

Hip hop and rap 12" collection

A lovely lot of around 400 hip hop and rap 12" singles.  At least 300 of them were in ace condition with the rest being quite well loved.  We picked this up from Sunny Croydon and handed over £550 cash to a delighted seller.


Indie and alt rock LPs

We almost wept when this collection came our way.  A music reviewer was off loading chunks of his vinyl from the 80's - 00's.  All original Cure LPs, Echo and The Bunnymen, New Order and our all time favourites, Depeche Mode.  We parted with too much money for this one, but most of them are sitting on our own shelves to love and play ourselves.  

House and trance 12"

When a 90's bedroom DJ and ex-shop owner called with (literally) a shed load of dance music to clear out, we were straight in the van and heading down to Brighton.   £6000 and two van journeys later, we were the proud possesors of the biggest collection we've ever bought.  A mighty haul of dance music with tonnes of trance and progressive house tunes.  


Rock and reggae

A trip up to a wooded part of North East London uncovered a very eclectic collection of rock, reggae, roots, dub and Indie LPs.  Here's some lovely UK and Jamaican pressings that all got a good spin on the turntable.  

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