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Pop music from 1950's to now

Good 'ole fashioned pop music.  Especially megastars from the 80's and the last 10 years.  Singles, albums, rarities, we love 'em all. 

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Funk, soul brothers.  And sisters

Tamla Motown and way, way beyond.  We want your soul, funk and disco 45s and 12" singles.  Oh, and LPs and nice quality CDs too.


Reggae, dub, dancehall

We love late 70's 12" singles and classic reggae, roots and dub 45s and LPs.  We pay top prices for great reggae collections. 

Rock music

From rock 'n roll to punk, prog, psych, metal, indie, alt, grunge and more.  From 50's to now.  We salute the rock gods and their vinyl offerings.


We love electronic music.   Kraftwerk's teutonic beats, the dark sound Depeche Mode, the light sound of Pet Shop Boys.  And everything in between.


House, garage, DnB

If it makes you dance, we'll want to buy it.  Especially 12" singles and LPs, but many CDs too.  Let us know what you want to offload from your DJ crate

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